10+ Most Popular Coding Challenges Websites YOU Must be using!!!

10+ Most Popular Coding Challenges Websites YOU Must be using!!!

If you want to improve your analytical skills, there's no better way to do that than solving problems.

If you are a programmer, then this is something you should do for yourself. Programmers need to deal with all sorts of problems almost every day.

Why Should You Develop Your Problem-Solving Skills?

These days, technology is developing rapidly, and we are seeing some amazing changes and improvements almost every day.

There are many popular websites that help you do that by providing various types of problems where you need to apply your analytical and mathematical skills to solve each problem using programming languages.


1. HackerRank


HackerRank is one of the most popular coding practice websites out there. This is a nice platform for everyone, especially beginners.


2. LeetCode


If you are familiar with the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) buzzword, then you should definitely know about this website! If you want to practice for your coding interview for the big giant tech companies like FAANG.


If you are just starting your algorithm journey on LeetCode, then actually you don't need to worry about their premium plans as the free version will be more than enough for you.

3. Kaggle


This website is basically for Data Science, and it's one of the most popular websites out there for this.

Kaggle allows users to collaborate with other users, find and publish datasets, use GPU integrated notebooks, and compete with other data scientists to solve data science challenges.

4. CodeChef


You can filter the problems based on different categories and solve them using any of the most popular programming languages.

They also have a learning section on their website where you can learn how to solve problems in a systematic way. This is super helpful, especially for beginners.

5. CoderByte


Coderbyte has a huge collection of problems that you can solve. They also offer a challenging library, starter courses, interview kits, career resources and so on.

6. Codewars


Codewars is a coding challenge website for people of all programming levels. It claims to have a community of over 3 million developers.

One of the biggest benefits of this website is that it is highly focused on algorithms like LeetCode.

7. GeeksForGeeks


GFG is pretty popular for its tutorials, algorithms, and so on, but they also provide a nice problem-solving platform here.

8. Codeforces


Codeforces is one of the most used and well-known coding challenge and practice websites in the world, and it is sponsored by Telegram. Competitive programmers have ranks based on their successful results in programming contests.

9. AtCoder


On this website, you can take part in different programming contests. They held regular programming contests on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, you can solve problems from previously held programming contests.

10. TopCoder


Topcoder is a crowdsourcing company with an open global community of designers, developers, data scientists, and competitive programmers.

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